The Grinch Poll

Amy Nichols

These cups were fun to create. I was talking with Tim, a.k.a. Mr. Posh and we were discussing the new Grinch movie. We had just left the theater, and he said, "I think a cup like the Grinch would be fun." 

This started some back and forth, and he said, "Well, I think a glitter cup would sell. And I like the saying IN A WORLD OF GRINCHES, BE A CINDY LOU WHO. Or it could say, I STOLE THIS FROM A WHO"

After I finished laughing, I told him I would make that for him. I told him my idea of I DON'T LIKE MORNING PEOPLE, OR MORNINGS, OR PEOPLE. He suggested I make both, and the poll was born. AND because he wanted his in glitter, I chose not to make mine in glitter (which is strange, because I love making them in glitter. =) ) 

If you haven't yet, go vote for your favorite. And, both of these designs are still available as of this blog, Check out our catalog page for more details.

Thanks for reading. AND, In a world of Grinches, BE a Cindy Lou Who. =)

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