Silent Night

Amy Nichols

This cup was designed by a customer. I had posted the picture of the burgundy "Baby It's Cold Outside" cup, and she contacted me via private message on Facebook. She said, I love this cup. But would you consider making it in black glitter instead of burgundy? I said, "Absolutely!" Then it took off from there. 

She mentioned, "Oh, I wonder how it would look with Silent Night?" I thought, well, it would have to be great! She sent me the font she liked, and we went from there. I went ahead and painted and glittered the coffee cup black, added a few stars to the epoxy, heat up the epoxy so they would randomly move, and waited until the next day to see what happened. I loved this cup before we even added the decal work. 

Once it was ready, I sent the customer the design idea. She was torn with the color of the words. Should they be gold? Should they be white? I added silver just to give her options of the three colors I would suggest.

She went back and forth. Gold? White? I said, let's try the gold, and I will send you a photo to see what you think. If you like it, we will add the final layer of epoxy resin. Here is what I sent her...

This one was done with the gold glitter lettering, and I cannot imagine a prettier cup. It turned out better than we both imagined. The customer is thrilled, and I added the last layer of epoxy last night. She will pick this cup up tomorrow. It made me smile when she said, "I will drink my coffee from it always." =) <3 There is no better compliment. 

This cup can be made to order based on what you like as well. Have something in mind? Message us and let's see what we can do for you!


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