Baby it's Cold Outside

Amy Nichols

Each cup we design has a story behind it. That is one of the things I love about designing cups; working with the customer to get exactly what fits the person and the occasion. 

The story behind this cup is pretty simple. I like snow. I am in the minority in my family, but I still stick to my guns and proclaim, I like snow. I was working on another design idea with this burgundy glitter and overheard the weatherman forecast a dusting of snow. A smile crept onto my face, and I began humming "Baby It's Cold Outside." 

With that in mind, the following cup came together. First the words. Then I thought, "Well, we need to add snowflakes!" Then I added a couple more. Then a couple more. I looked it over, and poof, she was finished. 

I am not a boastful person by nature, but I am so proud of this design. It has been a popular one too. I have now created 3 more, and have one I am taking to a Small Business Boutique this weekend. 

Now, it is time to move on to the next glitter creation. =) Have a great day!


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