A Unique Opportunity

Amy Nichols

Each Christmas season, I go into it with a little bit of dread and a little bit of excitement. My mother was such a pivotal part of my favorite Christmas memories, and each year is another year I will be going through it without her. On the other side, we now have two grandchildren that make Christmas fun. 

This year was no exception. That is why when a friend was sharing a sad story of a family whose mom is losing her battle to cancer and how her office was gathering items to share with her, her mother, and her two young girls, my heart was pricked. I asked her if there was anything that I could do. 

A couple days later, she contacted me and asked if I would consider making a couple cups for them. After going back and forth with this sweet friend, we designed 4 for the mom, one for the grandmother, one for the preteen daughter, and one for the preschool daughter. I prayed for each one as I went to work to create each one. I shed tears thinking of how hard it was going to be for the young ones. I felt so sad for the grandmother who was about to lose her daughter and what role she will now play in the lives of these two young ladies. It was so hard, yet I was so glad to have a small part in bringing something good into their lives. 

Each cup is personalized with their names (on the opposite side) and each one has the same gold flower to unify each one together. The turquoise cup says, "A mother's treasures are her daughters." On the back I put Mom in the middle, the older daughter's name bowed above, and the younger daughter's name bowed below. 

What I love about what I do is the personal side of it. Making these was similar to the feeling of buying the coffee or food for the car behind you in the drive thru. I will not meet this woman, and she will likely never know who I am. But I hope she is blessed. Not that I made the cups, but just to have something beautiful to remind her of her love for her babies, and something beautiful for them to carry with them today and beyond. And I am moved by the kindness of this office who saw a need and made an impact in their lives. Be the Good! 

I hope your holiday season was a blessing. I am confident 2019 is going to be better than last year. 


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