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We use stainless steel, double walled cups for most of our designs. I love them because they fulfill so many needs. Going to a ball game in the scorching sun? Load up a cup with ice and fill it with your favorite beverage. It WILL stay cold the entire time you are there. Headed to the gym? Fill your favorite cup with water, or your favorite recovery drink. Headed to work on a cool/cold morning? Fix your coffee in your custom Posh Cup,
and it will be hot for HOURS! 

Why a Posh Cup? Because we take a functional, good for the environment, healthier option, stainless steel cup and customize it to your wishes. We have painted them, covered them in glitter, added personal touches...all to give you a complete package. A Posh of a kind, made especially for you! Take a look in our store and see if there is something you like. No? Contact us and we will make you your own design. 

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